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Each ecosystem constitutes of various components and the token functions as the primary element of this unique type of economy. A token’s assessment is built up of its fundamental value, the percentage of the token’s worth that arises from the demand for the underlying asset, and its speculative price, the rate of the amount of the tokens that originates from need due to an expectation of anticipated value gains. Rather than focus on uncertain value, our team suggests that supporters should focus on inherent value. The token financial model is what defines the latter — how much of the value generated by the project is caught by the token. So, it’s one of the main determinants of a project’s utility value and long-term success. adopts the Ethereum Blockchain and ERC-20 token protocols standards to build a utility token. Its principal purpose is the utilisation of the platform and internal ecosystem. We want our coin to be tradable on major exchanges to provide the best possible trading option to all adopters. Each token gets burned each time its utilised on our platform, decreasing the number of tokens and delivering constant growth in value at the same time.

A utility token is a digital asset utilised to allow a way to products and settings on a platform. Moreover, the other is a ‘security token’ — that originates its value from an external and tangible asset and offers the token holders a broad range of rights. The platform is developing a unique utility token usable inside the ecosystem of the platform — the token generated on the Ethereum network and according to the ERC20 Standard. The functionality of the token is available in the Token economy model section.

To determine between a single and a dual token architecture, people should consider several criteria into the record. Tokenomics set to function if you know what the purpose of the project and the purpose of the token is. So, you must design the ecosystem of the project to be suitable for a given structure. In some cases, a simple token structure fits better with the goal pursued by the project. By building demand for GECOIN, we are bringing a tremendous number of investments to the system. With the use of our token burning and utilisation strategy, we’re making it stronger on the exchanges — that way, and we are giving you the ability to profit from the initial purchase. The founders’ assumption is the token is usable now and, in the future, and infrastructure development around the token before, during, and after IEO.

Token economies are closely associated with planned monetary management. Monetary policy consists of steps an organisation can take to produce assurance for a particular currency. You have to adopt the right monetary policy for each ecosystem. If an inflationary monetary policy affords more stability in a non-profitable ecosystem, a deflationary system is adequate for a productive ecosystem. So it’s essential to develop core tactics to maintain a safe value for the possible token residents.

The GEC token price connection with an average price on the market determines its value for token holders. is using specific strategies to build the demand for it. One of the provided strategies is down protection of the valuation. Making GEC token stronger on the exchanges gives you the ability to profit from the initial purchase. The second, most important solution is directly related to a token burning mechanism. After the utilisation of GEC inside the platform, token gets burned permanently. These basic principals make token supply smaller in a form we called: “A diverted mining system”. That mechanism results in tokens being harder to get because there is less and less of them available on the market.

The GEC token is set on a platform together with a regular payment method. In general, people are required to provide credits on their accounts to make the modern investment machine working — moreover, credits provided in PRE and POST payments with the use of standard methods and GEC payments. Every token that used inside the application gets burned, decreasing the number of tokens in the total supply making it more expensive to buy on exchanges.

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