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Tokens are the standard critical features of your ICO. Usually, businesses running ICOs think they can perform their tokens and start fundraising, but that reduces the matter. To evade becoming failed ICO statistic, the core teams require a thorough and well-constructed token strategy before beginning the ICO. The significant change is that now a development team anywhere in the world can originate a unique and cryptographically secure digital token to underpin value within the protocol or application layer of a new financial system.

Before you draw the trigger on cryptocurrency purchase, it’s essential that you recognize what you are buying and how the token economics behind the ICO work. Cryptocurrency tokens are mostly a part of a theoretical economy. They are influenced by economic forces like supply and demand, inflation, and springs and drops in worth connected to other currencies. However, even if the cryptocurrency project you are spending in is wildly successful, it still might not be obvious what you can handle your tokens. You need to understand the utility of tokens to make you more confident in your cryptocurrency investments.

Token Utility Value

Utility tokens have utility within the platform or network. Investors will use the tokens to do something on the platform. So, the first thing you need to consider is: What value do my tokens have? What can investors use them to do? Geco adopts the Ethereum Blockchain and ERC-20 token protocols standards to build a utility token. Its primary purpose is the utilisation of the platform and internal ecosystem. We want our coin to be tradable on major exchanges to provide the best possible trading option to all adopters. The GEC token leading utility is inside the platform ecosystem. One of its features is a credit function that allows PAMM Managers to Additional function platform, Data Integration, and Pay Transaction Fees.

If the project doesn’t present real value from the tokens, then no one will want to purchase them, even if they think in your project. Tokens also require to have significant utility value within your channels and not just survive to fund ICO or as part of a cryptocurrency payment system. Without real utility, tokens support a risky balloon that will eventually fall, leaving you and your investors out of pocket.

Token Price

The price at which you placed company tokens also influence their value within your network. If you rate them too expensive or too cheap, they won’t represent the real price. Token prices must, therefore, be the result of a formula based on market facts and considering the anticipated supply and demand variations. It would help if you designed genuine value while promoting market liquidity for the tokens to be used.

The GEC token price connection with an average price on the market determines its value for token holders. is using specific strategies to build the demand for it. One of the provided strategies is down protection of the valuation. Making GEC token stronger on the exchanges gives you the ability to profit from the initial purchase.

Once the tokens are launched and receive investment, the price of the tokens will begin to inflate. If this happens too quickly, it will create a bubble that will pop leaving you with nothing. If it raises too slowly, people will be far less enthusiastic about investing. GEC token price will be connected with an average rate on the market, which will make it more or less valuable for token holders. Token prices during IEO Public sale will start at 0.00005 BTC per 1 GEC in multiple stages. All adopters of the token will have to go through a whitelisting process better known as Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering checking. Make sure you read The Disclaimer in full before purchasing Geocoins. We use our smart contracts to build this mechanism in from the get-go, making it transparent and fair for investors. That also includes any bonus conditions or referral bonuses.

Supply & Demand

In order to manage the liquidity of tokens during the ICO, it’s essential to determine the number of tokens it will be issued and the minimum and maximum tokens available to purchase per contributor. These assists define initial market cap and maximum share ratio, ensuring that have enough owners of the tokens to form a viable and liquid market.

Eventually, to provide for secure storage and trade, tokens should be submissive with standardised third-party protocols, such as ERC20. If users can’t easily store and trade their tokens, you limit their liquidity, discouraging investors. Creating tokens can be a complex and challenging process. team consider not just how many to create and what they are used for, but the excess team supply, demand, and liquidity to sustain a viable business and hold power.

We also have all of these aspects of our tokens planned out in advance of launching our ICO. Precepts and arrangements are coded into our smart contracts from the outset, so realising an issue with your token economics after we’ve started can prove fatal and impossible to rectify.

Total Supply : 250,000,000 GEC

Private Sale: 50,000,000 GEC

Public Sale: 50,000,000 GEC

Token Distribution:

Sale: 180%

Founders: 15%

Bounty Programs: 3%

Advisors: 2%

Budget Allocation:

Product Development: 60%

Sales & Marketing: 25%

Reserves: 5%

Maintenance: 10%

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