Robert Bryczek maintains his victorious run, knocking out Lee Chadwick at OKTAGON 43!
2 min readSep 14, 2023

May 20, 2023, is a date that will be permanently etched in the history of MMA, as the fighter Robert Bryczek squared off against Lee Chadwick at the OKTAGON 43 event. This marks another impressive victory in Bryczek’s career, as he continues his partnership with and Geco Capital, proudly displaying their logos in the ring as a testament to their enduring relationship.

In his clash with Lee Chadwick, Bryczek demonstrated why he is one of the most promising athletes in his weight category. From the very beginning of the fight, it was evident that Bryczek was in complete control. His technique, speed, and precision were noticeable at every stage of the fight.

Just in 2 minutes and 41 seconds, Bryczek surprised his opponent with a decisive blow that resulted in a KO. The referee halted the fight, declaring Bryczek as the winner.

Bryczek’s longstanding partnership with and Geco Capital once again proved pivotal to his success. This partnership not only provides him with financial support but also enables him to focus on training and achieving the best-ever results.

Marcin Wituś, CEO of, couldn’t hide his admiration after Bryczek’s latest triumph: “Robert continues his incredible journey to success. We are honoured to be part of his journey. This is certainly not the end of our shared achievements.”

Bryczek himself expressed his gratitude to his partners: “I want to thank for their belief and support. Having such strong partners by my side means a lot to me.”

Bryczek’s continued victories are generating immense interest among sports fans and those who admire his collaboration with and Geco Capital. His accomplishments serve as an inspiration to many, both in the realm of sports and in business.

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