Robert Bryczek continues his winning streak, defeating Samuel Kristofic via TKO at OKTAGON 45!
2 min readSep 14, 2023


On July 28, 2023, once again Robert Bryczek confirmed his dominance in the world of MMA. This time, Bryczek faced Samuel Kristofic at the OKTAGON 45 event, continuing his impressive winning streak. His longstanding collaboration with and Geco Capital remains the foundation of his successes.

The fight between Bryczek and Kristofic was highly anticipated by fans. Both fighters were prepared for a fierce battle, and the spectators filling the stands were unsure who would come out victorious from this battle.

However, it became evident in the first seconds of the fight that Bryczek had the upper hand over Kristofic. His technique, speed, and decisiveness were noticeable right from the beginning. In just 55 seconds from the start of the fight, Bryczek delivered a series of blows that forced the referee to announce a TKO and stop the fight. This was another victory by TKO for Bryczek.

It’s worth emphasizing that the support from and Geco Capital is crucial to Bryczek’s success. This partnership allows him to focus on training and competition and influences his development in sports and business.

Marcin Wituś, CEO of, expressed his admiration after Bryczek’s latest triumph: “Robert continues his uninterrupted series of victories. It is a true honour to be part of his journey. His perseverance and dedication are incredible.”

Bryczek also didn’t forget to express his gratitude: “I want to thank and Geco Capital for their support and belief in me. Having such partners by my side is invaluable to me.”

Bryczek’s latest victory generates significant interest among sports enthusiasts and those who admire his collaboration with and Geco Capital. His successes serve as inspiration for many, proving that determination and proper support lead to reaching the highest peaks.


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