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Initial Exchange Offering is separate from an ICO in several significant directions. Firstly, an IEO is originated and managed by an operating cryptocurrency exchange instead of the project team that built the token. It is the critical contrast between an ICO and an IEO. This base change has some significant consequences to the process. The ICO model of fundraising allowed absolutely anyone to begin their token sale but in the IEO model Exchanges act as middlemen or gatekeepers. As many as 70% of IEO projects launched so far have previously conducted an ICO as well.

The complete Core Team has been running non-stop for this day, and we are thrilled to announce that the IEO launch on COINEAL and LATOKEN Exchange Platform has just started on 1 July, 2019. We are assured you already know by now that those attentive enough to buy tokens at the start will be able to get a with a great opportunity! The GEC token will be available to purchase during the above mentioned IEOs. Participants in the sales will be able to buy GEC using Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

As a top 10 exchange in the world, COINEAL is aggressively expanding a global arrangement. It is designed to set up at least ten sub-stations around the world and hold more than ten global roadshows in 2019. Since starting in early 2018, COINEAL has stabilized offices in China, Japan, Korea, Russia, and Vietnam and have also completed Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) for several projects. Their powerful regional appearance and track history of successful IEO’s presents them the ideal launch pad for GEC token into the Asian crypto market.

London-based cryptocurrency exchange LATOKEN has been the pilot originating a huge 21 IEOs that has seen a significant rise in popularity, and is now one of the prime digital currency exchanges, due to its high safety and liquidity option. has determined the trade for this very desire for their Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

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Total supply of 200,000,000 tokens will be built, including the number allocated to the Token Sales. The maximum amount of GEC token in circulation is set to 50,000,000 GEC at any given time. The tokens are naturally deflationary as they will be burned when used on the platform — steadily reducing the available supply.

The GEC token IEO will consist of three rounds with a total allocation GEC tokens available. The GEC token IEO will run from 1 to 14 July on COINEAL and LATOKEN at the same time. You should join as soon as possible to get the price advantage, and a maximum fundraising cap of $3,000,000 will apply. This maximum fundraising cap comes with a high percentage already acquired- around 1.25 million dollars.

After the end of the presale, GEC token will be listed on COINEAL and LATOKEN. Deposit and withdrawals will be available from 18 July. We are so proud of our fantastic community and the support you have given us so far. Thank you for being with us and believing in our project.

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