’s advantages over the competition

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From the concept of designing to the business model, we wanted to outrun the competition. A clear vision and well-thought-out plan have helped us get closer to our goal.

Initially, we tested various options of directions in which we could develop the project, and after many consultations and research, the final model emerged.

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The first unique feature is the GEC (Gecoin) token based on the ERC-20 protocol, Ethereum, which will be needed to run most of the functions on the platform. Once used, the GEC Token will perish retrievably. Such a model will force the deflation process and a stable increase in the value of the GEC token over time.

Regarding the Gecoin token, it's listing, exchanges and trade opening.

We all want the GEC token to represent a real value from the very beginning when it goes public. To minimize the risk of GEC price dumping, we decided that the safer for everyone option would be listing it when the essential functions are unlocked on platform. We believe that this is the most optimal solution for all investors in the current situation.

The second unique aspect of the project — PAMM accounts

Thanks to the unique talent, vast knowledge and experience of our CEO, Marcin Wituś, we are building the most competitive Bitcoin trading platform in the world.
We are first to introduce PAMM accounts to the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to PAMM ( Percentage allocation management module), investors will have the chance to make profits relying solely on the skills and know-how of the active traders. As an investor, all you’ll have to do is choose a trader and add your funds to his pot, where for safety any trader has no access to your funds. You can easily follow the actions while analyzing your results on multiple accounts. By becoming a successful PAMM manager, and sharing your results with the platform users, you will most definitely attract investors into your PAMM portfolios in no time.

The platform also provides all the necessary tools for professional trading.

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We are currently at the stage of platform development, and this process will last until the end of Q1 2020. Everyone interested in buying a GEC (Gecoin) token at a very favourable price, we recommend setting up an account on and contacting the team via

Imagine giving your money to a trader, so he can make a profit for you when he makes one for himself — introducing cryptocurrency PAMM accounts by

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Block Explorer Address: 0xe304283C3e60Cefaf7eA514007Cf4E8fdC3d869d







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