‘s comprehensive set of tools user will find a comprehensive set of tools available right from their fully configurable workspace. Set up your perfect trading environment now and trade your way!

Superfast order processing

Our platform’s transactional engine has been designed to the highest standards for processing over 50,000 orders per second.

Risk control

Our platform provides full risk control, allowing you to set a stop-loss and take-profit level either before or after you place your order.

Top-level liquidity

We have a wide pool of liquidity providers to ensure our users can make the trades they need to, with minimal slippage.

All order types you need

For your convenience we prepared five types of orders: quick transaction, market, stop, limit, OCO.

Multi-signature wallets

We made the security of the platform our top priority. By integrating warm wallets provided by BitGo, we are able to guarantee the security of your Bitcoins.

Open an account today

It’s free, no hidden fees — no application needed — 30 seconds to open an account — 15 top Crypto pairs — 100x leverage on all assets — Negative balance protection

Sign up now is a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency margin trading platform with 1:100 leverage and instant order execution for all assets.

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