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The environment of cryptocurrency is rapidly changing and evolving. Innovators and entrepreneurs are constantly introducing new cryptocurrencies, each promising new and varying characteristics to attract investors and users. Global official sector reaction to cryptocurrencies varies as the decentralized technology does not fit easily into existing regulatory definitions and structures. This sector will likely continue to be cautious as it monitors the risks to financial integrity, consumer protection, financial stability, tax evasion and treatment, and monetary policy. Leaders in regulation, like Japan, are likely to set the standard for the rest of the world in a scenario where the borderless nature of cryptocurrencies requires a cohesive and collaborative effort.

The cryptocurrency world is an unstable and volatile place, constantly shift between a bear market and bull market periods. Some investors are taking advantages of this and not so much. Reaching a stable value, cryptocurrency has long been the target of many projects that aim to make crypto a step beyond just a middle of exchange and into the land of a store of value. Cryptocurrencies are reacting more like stocks and less like currency with their incredible volatility. They give more incitements to trade with them, not to pay with them. The concept of making a stable cryptocurrency is complicated. Many have tried to create such a coin and failed. In time the crypto markets will get well founded, leading to more permanent nature of the top cryptocurrencies. The crypto markets are becoming increasingly more competitive because they are some of the easiest to trade on.

Most traders try to buy-in a specific coin at a profitable price and store it in their wallet until they reach a certain profit level. This waiting game causes the market to be flooded with buy or sell orders when a coin reaches a profitable price, which accounts for the volatility and massive price swings that we see in crypto markets. is no easy fix to this problem. Newly created ICOs promise liquidity to their investors as the investors hope to make money on it. It’s a dangerous promise. Even after getting listed, the coin will suffer from very low liquidity, especially when they are listed on a smaller exchange.

The lack of transparency, accountability and professionalism from renowned institutions can poison the benefits of digital currencies and undermine the strength and influence of blockchain adoption in different industries beyond finance. True blockchain believers call for an end to sketchy practices in the financial system and market structures, promoting widespread professionalism and ethical standards. is a platform that enables you to safely invest in the cryptocurrency market using skills and knowledge of experienced traders. Our flagship service, called PAMM account/portfolio, allows you to invest in cryptocurrency pairs by entrusting your resources

to experienced traders as well as providing you with all the tools necessary to become a crypto-trader yourself. Even at face value, it’s not the case when talking about cryptocurrencies as a movement generally, but also on top of that, there are specific cryptocurrencies that carry a lot more weight to them — and that’s where the system comes into play.

This isn’t a new Idea in the financial world. The inspiration is taken from Forex Exchange where brokers like, (who introduced the PAMM accounts over a decade ago) has been using this system ever since with a huge success. Geco.oneis a first project that will deliver the same functionality of financial instruments for the cryptocurrency market, making trading more attractive for existing and new users.

The PAMM account, or Percent Allocation Management Module, is a function of investment account management by an experienced trader addressed to investors. The functionality of PAMM Account allows simultaneous control of an unlimited number of investment accounts with a single account, thanks to the percentage allocation of assets. On our platform, you can be both a trader and an investor as well as manage customer funds.

As a trader, you can use the PAMM cryptocurrency system, invite investors, and use bespoke tools provided to maximise your results.

As a trader, you will be able to create PAMM accounts, portfolios, and make profits. What’s even more important, we are developing a platform with a set of tools that will enable traders to pair PAMM accounts and use their skills even more effectively.

As an investor, you can trade cryptocurrencies with the help of experienced traders using the PAMM system. You can analyse the traders’ history in any specific time and area of your interest. Imagine that you can give the trader your money so he can make a profit for you when he makes it for himself. That’s PAMM accounts system. You can choose a trader’s account and join it, giving him the ability to invest your money together with his money.

Imagine giving your money to a trader, so he can make a profit for you when he makes one for himself — introducing cryptocurrency PAMM accounts by

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