gives you access to 4 markets: Cryptocurrency, Indices, commodities, Forex

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We’re thrilled to reveal the variety of financial instruments is now available to traders on platform. In addition to margin-trading on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, offers trading assets from Commodities, Forex & Indices. This offering allows crypto traders to enter traditional financial markets, asset classes, and additional avenues for driving profits.

The significant advantage of platform for its users is lowering the commission fees with GEC token. It’s also an excellent opportunity for all coin traders that wish to spread their time and financial resources to trade on all markets from one place.


Thanks to our intuitive platform and extensive charting system, which you can flexibly adjust and organize, you will be able to develop your professional strategy for trading cryptocurrencies.

All users can take advantage of up to 100x leverage while margin trading the top five cryptocurrencies in the world.

Commodities offers a variety of commodities such as GOLD, SILVER, CRUDE and BRENT oil. The value of commodities results from both political and economic factors, which means that their prices fluctuate up and down, giving investors a chance to open the right position with leverage by using periodic fluctuations in commodity prices. Commodities on the stock exchanges have always been sold and have become one of the most profitable markets for traders. this is a perfect tool to increase you Bitcoin earnings.

Forex is the first global platform to give you access to Forex markets using Bitcoin. Thanks to our unique product mix, users can create advanced strategies for growing their Bitcoin holdings by trading foreign currency markets including USD, EUR, GBP and JPY.

Indices gives users access to the world’s most popular indices including SP500, NIKKEI 1000, DAX, NASDAQ, FTSE 100, DOWJ, EURO 50, HK-HSI. With generally lower volatility than cryptocurrency markets, these indices give users a fantastic opportunity to add a lower-volatility element to their Bitcoin growth trading strategy.

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No1 Bitcoin trading platform with leverage, long & short positions, margin trading, PAMM (coming soon).

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