in the age of global crisis

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In the era of the crisis caused by the “Coronavirus”, we will briefly describe what the situation related to global financial markets looks like, in which we currently find ourselves as a Geco One capital group. I purposely used the word “capital group” because I’m pleased to inform you that Geco One has applied for an additional broker license. It will allow extensive access to international financial markets for the most significant indices of Asian, European and American stock exchanges, as well as CFD contracts on the largest companies on the global market and FX SPOT market. It’s all for BTC and GEC token holders, to whom we’ll provide nearly 1000 financial instruments! The license we are seeking will expand the range of financial instruments available on the platform. The licensing process was initiated in April 2020 and will take about six months to complete. Everything has been prepared to the smallest detail.

To sum up, the current situation in no way implies our business. The work is ongoing without any delays; the whole team works remotely, full-time. The condition of the cryptocurrency market compared to the financial market, is very good. BTC today oscillates around $ 6800 and has been maintaining its stable position for a long time. We observed almost twice as much interest in BTC, and thus the resulting increase in turnover of the entire market. Our main competitor, BITMEX, achieved over 7BN $ turnover on the day of the most significant drops on stock indices. The situation indicates that large capital goes just to BTC. The awareness of crisis has been in the air for a long time, and this is a natural stock market cycle. We believe that the inflow will be much more significant than the one in 2008. Either way, we must be ready with the business to start after the biggest declines and when the trend will reverse again, and we expect it’ll unfold with the launch of the platform. It should be highlighted that futures contracts allow earning on declines, and the business is done entirely via the Internet, thus every customer of such platforms “trades” from home. The largest technology companies in the world, such as Apple or Microsoft, were created during the recession or shortly after it, which is undoubtedly a good signal for us. Indication for us is the fact that from the vast amount of “Empty” tokens currently available on the market, only those will prevail with genuine usability and come from the verified projects. To sum up, we would like to inform you that the Geco One capital group is resistant to any crisis because we operate solely in the internet environment. The trading platform offers global online services and will be available soon.

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