GEC Tokenomics model as a game-changer

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The background to realise the ownership of real-world assets on a blockchain can confuse the way we control assets. With new models of raising capital, secured by blockchain technology, there would be no territorial barriers. So, an investor from any place in the world, let’s say from Paris, can fund into a raising on the other side of the world, let’s say in China, without leaving their country, with the safety, speed, and ease of transfer offered by the blockchain network. Another significant development is that trade can be managed without third-party brokers that often slow down the process, making it inefficient and expensive. Lower investment risk is also very critical. The investment securities can become more diverse due to the possibility of owning parts of several assets. In addition to all of these, blockchain tokens allow introducing fractional ownership, which improved the liquidity of tangible assets.

To tokenise an asset, you have to decide it and lead a review of your property, and this may require a series of steps. When the asset is estimated, tokens are available for the investors. If someone wants to diversify their investment portfolio by adding your real estate property, they can easily do it by purchasing your tokens on a blockchain network.
The globalisation of capital coming from asset tokenisation can significantly improve the demand and ease down the market entry, leading to diversification and growth in the market. Blockchain asset tokenisation produces a new category of crypto financial outcomes and is changing the traditional concept of ownership. Many assets can be moved to blockchain: stocks, real estate properties, gold, even fine art. The main point is to tokenise precious assets that only a few can afford at the moment. You can be a merchant, or you can be a trader who is willing to diversify their assets portfolio and be subjected to a little less investment risk.

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The leading utility of GEC token is inside the platform ecosystem. One of its features is a credit function that allows PAMM Managers to utilise Additional functions inside the platform, Data Integration, leverage and pay transaction fees. The token is an essential part of the platform and it’s getting listed on two crypto exchanges on the 01.04.2020, COINEAL & LATOKEN.

By building demand for GEC, we are bringing a tremendous number of investments to the system. With the use of our token burning and utilisation strategy, we’re making it stronger on the exchanges. one of them being the ability to profit from the initial purchase. The founders’ assumption is the token is usable now and, in the future, and infrastructure development around the token before, during the launch of the platform.

The price of the token inside the platform always adjusts to a current market price as soon as it reaches at least two different exchanges and features on The GEC token price connection with an average rate on the market determines its value for token holders. is using specific strategies to build the demand for it. One of the provided strategies is down protection of the valuation. Making GEC token stronger on the exchanges gives you the ability to profit from the initial purchase.

The second, most important solution is directly related to a token burning mechanism. Every token that used inside the application gets burned, decreasing the number of tokens in the total supply making it more expensive to buy on exchanges. That mechanism results in tokens being harder to get because with time there will be less and less of it available on the market. The GEC token is set on a platform together with a regular payment method. In general, people are required to provide credits on their accounts to make the modern investment machine working — moreover, the leverage provided in payments with the use of standard methods, and GEC payments. common goal is the strong position of GEC on the global market. The project can create tremendous opportunities for GEC value growth along with the systematic development and expansion of the PAMM platform. Building a stable position of the GEC token is possible thanks to the experience and full involvement of our team and looking objectively at projects being currently created as well as on those that are already in existence. The expected demand for GEC token is possible thanks to constant care for its usability on the platform and the implementation of the objectives.

Imagine giving your money to a trader, so he can make a profit for you when he makes one for himself — introducing cryptocurrency PAMM accounts by

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