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PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module and is a unique approach to invest in the markets if you are not yet comforted enough to trade yourself. The PAMM account emphasises a management module that gives the sizes of trades according to an allocation percentage. This solution is created for investors, traders & portfolio managers. With a PAMM account, an investor can designate some of his funds to one or more managers. The PAMM account allows trading, where the trader operates independently getting access to funds entrusted by investors & portfolio managers. It indicates that the system is transparent to prevent confusion and deviation from the contract between the investor and the trader. The rules and regulations of the investment and trading are provided by the firm to ensure that everything goes smoothly for both parties. Every investor can withdraw his money at any point using the automatic stop-loss function.

Experienced traders are at your disposal. is a platform that enables you to safely invest in the cryptocurrency market using skills and knowledge of experienced traders. Our flagship service, called PAMM account, allows you to invest in cryptocurrency pairs by entrusting your resources to experienced traders as well as providing you with all the tools necessary to become a crypto-trader yourself. PAMM trading system is the safest way to do so because it also provides tools like futures trading, leverage as well as short & long positions are available as standard.

A notable number of new instruments is made available for all users of PAMM trading platform. Specialities like marginal trading, funding from multiple investors, complex PAMM account merging options to name a few, making it the most comprehensive set of tools for trading cryptocurrencies. Experts realise the magnitude of possibilities and are switching to Investors gain all the data necessary to be able to assess the traders and portfolio managers at the tips of their fingers. Features like overall score, consistency, style of trading are just a few of the broad spectrum of the possible analysing mechanism.

Every single PAMM account has a history which is preserved open for viewing to enables investors to use all available data to break down the probability of the success. Those standards allow any user to examine the success or failure behind the operator/investor. The trading history allows to investigate the PAMM account age and define if the trader who operates it is someone with experience. Drawdown and profitability enable you to examine the risk potential and investor strategy and identify if accounts are more or less risky. The equity level on the account defines the role in the report. The higher the equity value, the more own capital PAMM manager risks during trading. Also, the number of investors who are already on the account can indicate if the trader has the confidence to deliver the promised results.

For Traders

PAMM account provides you with a possibility to earn profits not only from your own money but also from commission from investors. You have some point of check over such trading conditions as the manager’s fee and the duration of trading. Profits are distributed automatically at the end of the contract.

For investors

Contributing to a PAMM account has multiple advantages. You benefit from the trading expertise of successful traders or Portfolio managers.’s PAMM system allows you to withdraw investment at any time if you are unsatisfied with how the trader or portfolio manager is performing. Last but not least, you can diversify your investments across multiple PAMM accounts, reducing risk to an absolute minimum. As always, you have full protection from fraud thanks to an automatic fund’s distribution mechanism.

The PAMM trader facilitates the trading activity of the managers within the purview of defined rules and regulations. The investor may face the risk of loss from his investment fund; however, as earlier explained, the money is in the hands of professionals, so the chance of making a profit is far higher than the chances of a loss. Apart from providing the platform for interaction, they also make the manager’s account transparent to the investors.

For successful traders, the advantages of a PAMM account are relatively distinct. It allows them to act as a trader, making profits not only from their own money but also from investors contributions. They’re also able to set their conditions — which investors must sign up for — giving them a degree of control over the trading conditions, such as percentage of profits distributed and what the trading period is.

Imagine giving your money to a trader, so he can make a profit for you when he makes one for himself — introducing cryptocurrency PAMM accounts by

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