Commissions in Margin Trading — BitMEX vs

There are hundreds of different entities on the cryptocurrency market that offer the possibility of trading. However, when trading cryptocurrencies with the help of exchanges, it is necessary to pay fees for transactions. Today we will go through several types of commissions charged by exchanges on the example of margin trading platforms. In this case, and BitMEX as a comparison.

Commissions in Margin Trading

Most investors will sooner or later encounter maker and taker commissions.

The “maker” commission is charged in a specific case. For example, when you create a new…


The price of Bitcoin has increased by around 5,000 USD in recent days, thus exceeding 61,000 USD, which is one of the highest levels in history. Similar optimism is also visible on the ETH quotes, which is currently at their highest level in history, and on the quotes of many altcoins, whose rates have increased noticeably more than BTC and ETH over the past week.

Looking at the BTC quotes, you will notice that the oldest virtual currency’s price remains close to its all-time record. If only the currently tested resistance of 61,200 USD is permanently defeated and Bitcoin’s price…

Bitcoin’s prices rose by a modest 3 per cent over the past week, and Ethereum by just over 1 per cent. Looking at the charts of these two projects, however, you can see that there are pretty significant resistance levels on the way to their further appreciation, which may be a bit confusing in the coming days.


Looking at the oldest virtual currencies’ quotations, we will notice that the BTC quotes from the first half of March this year. They move inside a parallel downward channel, which is a kind of correction after earlier increases. Currently, this market is near…

Weekly crypto-market analysis from 17.05.2021

Recent days have brought an actual sale on the cryptocurrency market. The prices of the vast majority of virtual assets fell by several dozen per cent. This depreciation caused the price of Bitcoin to drop by over $ 22,000, reaching the level of $ 42,000, which is the lowest level since the first half of February this year.

Looking at the Bitcoin quotes, we notice that the price of the oldest virtual currency has fallen to the technical support of $ 44,000 in recent days. …

Bitcoin’s price rose by $ 1,675 last week, which was precisely 2.96%. At the same time, Ethereum grew by more than $ 975, which was as much as 33 per cent. ETH was also followed by Altcoins, which led to a decline in BTC dominance in the entire cryptocurrency market to 44%, which is the worst result since July 2018.

Looking at the Bitcoin prices, we notice that the price of the oldest virtual currency has recently been moving within a parallel growth channel. As a result of the recent appreciation, the market reached the trend line, which is the…

The price of Bitcoin has remained relatively stable for several days, below 58,000 USD. However, during this time, the quotations of selected Altcoins increased noticeably. Only in the last nine days, the price of ETH has increased by, for example, almost 60%. All this made Bitcoin’s share in the entire cryptocurrency market drop below 50%. It is noteworthy that this is the first time since August 2018. It is also worth noting that in the past, this decline heralded the beginning of the Altseason.

Most of us are used to the fact that Bitcoin is made profitable by increasing its value over time. The HODL strategy worked very well throughout 2020. However, the Bitcoin correction also showed a different approach — earning on declines can also be very profitable. This article will tell you the story of a trader who got rich in recent declines.

Bitcoin correction and earning on declines

For people who have held Bitcoin for the last year, the flagship cryptocurrency has allowed obtaining returns on investment of several hundred per cent. For many crypto investors, HODL means almost the same as “to be or not to be.” While this strategy pays a satisfactory return in the long term, there are hundreds of opportunities along the way that can multiply our capital through exchange rate fluctuations. …

Any investor looking primarily for flexibility in managing his portfolio will appreciate the solutions that margin trading brings. Trading with the use of a margin deposit allows you to take full advantage of all the opportunities offered by the cryptocurrency market. This type of investment, although highly profitable, is associated with increased risk. In many situations, it is worth considering whether we should use this solution.

Therefore, if you do not know how to earn money on leverage or how to make a profit on margin trading — this article will introduce you to a few rules that you should… platform may soon become one of the most prominent players on the market of leveraged instruments for cryptocurrencies. In terms of UX, it is already ahead of the current segment leader — BitMEX.

One of the founders and CEO of is Marcin Wituś who has been involved in the investment industry on the traditional market for over ten years. He became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2017. Already then, he knew that digital assets are the future and will interest even the largest investors. He noticed a niche in this market, which was the lack of leverage products. The…

Margin trading is an issue that has recently gained considerable popularity in the world. Events such as the r / wallstreetbets scandal and the growing popularity of Bitcoin have effectively attracted investors’ attention to this form of investment. BTC margin trading is still a kind of novelty. Today, however, we will take a closer look at it and check if and how much you can earn on it.

BTC Margin Trading

What is margin trading? We answered this question indirectly in previous entries. The essential elements of margin trading are leverage trading and margin trading. Together, these two elements form… is a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency margin trading platform with 1:100 leverage and instant order execution for all assets.

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